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The History of Thurber in 12 Objects: Poetry and Memories

by: Shae Adams

If you’ve been following us this year, you know that we’ve been highlighting artifacts from our collection. These tangible objects give us insight into the lives of those who called Thurber home. This month we’re spotlighting a slightly different type of artifact that gets to the heart of what we collect: stories and memories.
Dorothy Bayer Hoid grew up in Thurber. She spent her childhood going to movies at the Opera House, dancing to music at the bandstand, and getting into mischief with her cousin Sammy. Decades later, telling her children stories of her exploits inspired her to write a collection of poems about her memories of Thurber. Hoid’s daughter was kind enough to donate that collection of poems and memories to the Gordon Center last year.

I love this piece because it shows a different side of Thurber. The fact that Hoid could write so prolifically about her childhood decades after Thurber’s closing speaks to how profoundly the town shaped Hoid’s identity. Whi…

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